Inclusive Spaces Toolkit

Dear organisations, here’s our recommendation for a new year’s resolution: Consider inclusivity for every event/campaign/workshop that you will plan, irrespective of the topic. This toolkit will guide you on how to set up inclusive spaces and make sure that everyone’s needs are considered. If there are specific issues that you deal with as an organisation, feel fee to reach out to us so we can discuss it further.

voluntary organisations toolkit

Enrolling as a Voluntary Organisation and renewing the status on an annual basis entitles you to a number of privileges, including funding opportunities. Following legislative amendments, the process has been updated. Keep this toolkit handy to guide you through the process.

Green Conduct for Organisations

Sustainable projects include making sure that the organisation’s footprint is as green as possible. Take a look at our suggestions for greener conduct and make this a resolution for your organisation.


As youth organisations, we should always be looking to organise our events in new, dynamic and sustainable ways. To help you out, The European Youth Forum has prepared this useful guide on how to make the most of your online events with some hints, tips and advice to make sure you can grow your online events.

For more resources you can also access DIGI YOUTH PORTAL which contains all the digital tools for different online activities.