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Beyond a Climate Emergency : Proposals by the Environmental Task Force

KNŻ is proud to have launched an ‘Environmental Task Force’ which was made up of five subcommittees: Conservation of Species, The Built Environment, Waste Management, Clean Energy and Transport, and Sustainable Agriculture, Consumables and Ecotourism.

The aim of this project was to bring more awareness to the subject matter and create policy proposals which consider the various aspects of the environment. This has also inspired the call for a State of Climate Emergency to be declared in Malta. 

Through Youth Dialogue, youths met every month to discuss these issues, research and consult as to come up with proposals that would benefit our environment.

During the final ceremony the finalised policy paper was launched to the relevant authorities and stakeholder. The policy paper was later presented to other stakeholders such as ERA, Ministry for Environment and Climate Action Board. 

A Holistic Approach to Mental Health and Youth

Mental health and behavioral problems are reported to be the primary drivers of disability worldwide. However, unfortunately they are not given as much importance as they should by both authorities and also citizens alike in our communities. There is a
taboo which prevents sufferers from seeking the help they need, afraid that they will lose their rights, resulting in these people getting caught in the system. Hence due to the pressure put by society and the marginalisation faced, one is not expected to get better.

Therefore, this project took a holistic approach towards Mental Health and youths to create a policy paper which takes into account the various aspects of society, in order to make it more accessible to youths who suffer from mental health problems. 

Unfortunately, it is a fact that currently those who suffer through these problems, are either silent or else they risk exclusion from exercising some of their basic rights like the right to work. Our policy makers are responsible to ensure that the human rights of youths are safeguarded even against employers and businesses, therefore it would be ideal to have a wider framework that would cater for these aspects.

This project was built on the fundamental idea of inclusion and integration of youths between the ages of 13 years to 30 years old suffering from mental health diseases in our society. KNŻ has always been at the forefront in representing youths and assuring that their rights are always safeguarded, this was no exception as we strive towards a more inclusive society where all youths are given the same opportunities.

Young People's View on Cannabis

The aim of this publication is to provide exactly that  – an apolitical, research based and balanced view of  what the KNŻ believes should be the best course of  action on the legalisation of cannabis consumption on a  recreational basis.

The National Youth Council and Aġenzija Żgħażagħ commissioned Misco to carry out research among  young people with the objective to: 

  • Provide an insight into the opinions of young people  regarding the use of cannabis for recreational use;
  • Understand the perceptions and attitudes of young  people with regard to how cannabis should be handled  if legalised; 
  • Gauge the perceived impacts young people believe  legalisation would have on the use of cannabis. 

The report contains six sections covering different  aspects. These relate to the opinions as to whether  the use of cannabis for recreational use should be  legalised, perceptions on the use of cannabis, handling  of cannabis, information on cannabis, consequences of  legalisation on the use of cannabis. 

Sustainable Development

Sexual Health Proposals