Type: Youth Exchange
What: Manage your space, Manage your life  
Where: Poland
When: 01 August – 10 August 2021
How many: 5 participants (20 – 28) and 1 group leader (20+)

Participants: Poland 🇵🇱, Spain 🇪🇸, Malta 🇲🇹,  Romania , Turkey , Italy  

Interested in housing, entrepreneurship, labour market, empathy and/or social research? This is a project for you. 

Entering adult life most youths across different EU countries still find themselves living with their parents or renting while our parents at our age had already become independent. The project will tackle the perspective of youths in this area while also discussing the cultural and economic conditions of the countries.  The barriers and social pressures faced by young people when entering adulthood will also be tackled. 

The goal of the project is to draw attention to the inequalities between EU countries, to draw attention to the cultural aspect of housing and to draw attention to the study and study how young people live in Europe 

Accommodation and food at the project’s venue is fully covered and travel costs up to €275 are reimbursed. (All the above is subject to the participant completing the project and having all necessary  documentation that the participant will be advised about prior to the project start). The whole exchange will be run following particular measures due to COVID-19 safety laws. 

To apply follow these two simple steps: Send an e-mail titled ‘Manage your space, Manage your life’ to Terra di Mezzo on 📨 and tell us why you want to join. 

Youth Delegates have the important role to represent the voice of young people—and their nations—in key dialogues and interactive sessions. Focused on upskilling future leaders, all Youth Delegates receive free access to a bespoke leadership and advocacy training program along with curated career advancement and networking opportunities.


By participating in this training, you will become one of 12 Ambassadors of the SAIL project. You will build your capacities in non-formal education methods and learn how to organize sustainable, inclusive and active Summer Universities.

SAIL your SUmmer (Sustainable Active and IncLusive Summer University) is an EYF funded SUs to raise young Europeans’ awareness of sustainable and inclusive youth exchanges through capacity-building activities and empower them to advocate at local and regional levels.

This event shall be hosted by the AEGEE-Europe and will be held between the 22nd and 25th of April 2021. 

The deadline to apply is the 15th of April, 23:59 CET.

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Young Disabled People’s Views and Experiences of Disability Activism across Europe.

  • Is your age within the range of 18 to 35?
  • Do you identify as a disabled person?
  • Do you currently live in a European State?
  • Do you have experience or are interested in disability activism and disability politics?

If you answered yes to these questions then please consider taking part in this online survey.

The purpose of this survey is to explore opportunities and challenges to participating in disability activism across Europe, as well as understand the importance of disabled people’s social movements.

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Are you working with young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in your local community? If yes, you might be interested in joining an online training that will connect youth workers working with YMRA from different countries.

This event shall be hosted by the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (Hellenic National Agency) and will be held between the 12th and 25th of May 2021

The deadline to apply is the 23th of April 2021.

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The effects of stress and life’s difficulties are increasingly visible, especially with the current pandemic. In this session, we will explore techniques for emotional and mental well-being, both for youth workers and for young people.

This shall be hosted by Tempus Public Foundation – Hungarian National Agency of Erasmus+ YiA and European Solidarity Corps (National Agency) and will be held on the 11th of May 2021. 

The deadline to apply is the 20th of April 2021.

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