Past Policy Consultations

KNŻ encourages youths and youth organisations to participate in the process of online public consultations published by the Council itself as well as the government and other entities. 

Malta Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS)

Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning

KNŻ statement:

KNŻ expresses its broad agreement with the overall aim, that of a zero-carbon economy by 2050. KNŻ also recognizes that in outlining both mitigative and adaptive measures that are cross-sectoral in nature, the strategy can form a solid foundation for guiding climate action in the decades to come. 

However, KNŻ requests clarifications on aviation and shipping emissions as well as the point of reference ensuring the strategy’s implementation. Moreover, KNŻ is critical of the fact that although transport contributes significantly to Malta’s carbon footprint, no measures actually specifically target reducing the number of private internal combustion engine cars on the road. It is the view of KNŻ, that this lack of a disincentive, greatly risks making a key aspect of the LCDS ineffective. There must also be disincentives that push people away from relying solely on the private car, such as congestion charges, parking tolls, a carbon tax and high emission vehicle taxes.

electronic monitoring

Ministry for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement

KNŻ statement:

Henceforth, these policy recommendations balance out the seriousness and stature of our country’s law enforcement institutions, alongside the rehabilitation and reform which it seeks to instigate. A more rehabilitative criminal justice system would not only help in fostering a sense of reform and redemption amongst individuals who have come into contact with the law, but also support these individuals in re-integrating into society, while they are monitored while doing so.