National Youth Policy Consultations

KNŻ encourages youths and youth organisations to participate in the process of online public consultations published by the Council itself as well as the government and other entities. Submissions will be contributing to KNŻ’s position formulation on the respective topic and will be brought up with the relevant entities. 

electronic monitoring

Ministry for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement


The Government is of the opinion that the time has come to introduce modern corrective systems in our country. Therefore, through this white paper, the Government is conducting a public consultation on a reform for the way people serve court sentences with the possibility of electronic monitoring instead of imprisonment.

This system shall serve in suspending the incarceration of individuals from the correctional facilities, thus facilitating their reintegration into society, whilst providing reassurance to the community and victims of crime.

Deadline for submissions is on the 25th of May 2021. 



To cultivate a society in which youth are empowered to act, ensuring their voice is heard, valued and pursued.


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