SDM was founded by a group of University students in 1974. SDM finds its origins as a student organization in the troubled political period of the time. One of the main aims of the founders was that, during a period when freedom of expression was not always respected, the University students and those students in other Post-Secondary Institutions be given the opportunity to express their opinions, to have a voice, not only in political issues connected to the education system, but also in national politics. Today, this has remained one of SDM‘s main objectives. SDM encourages and recognizes the contribution of students to the University of Malta, G.F. Abela Junior College, MCAST, ITS, Sir M.A. Refalo Gozo and society in general.

As a student organization, SDM is the ideal forum where every student can learn how to express his ideas whilst giving a valid contribution to our lives as students. SDM is a dynamic organization and is open for change. Having said this, SDM finds its roots in a number of fundamental principals on which it was formed by a group of Christian Democrat Students back in 1974. “Democracy” because SDM believes in the liberty of the individual, in participation, representation, subsidiarity and in all the implications found in the definition of the word. “Christian” because SDM is an organization which believes that the value of the human person come before every other consideration, whether it is social or economic. 

SDM works towards:

  • Creating a social conscience amongst Maltese students.
  • Ensuring that the rights of Maltese students are maintained.
  • Promoting the political and social participation of students on University, National and International levels. 

SDM is the oldest and largest political organization run by students in the University of Malta. As a member of SDM, you can voice your opinion.