Pulse Social Democratic Students of Malta, also known as Pulse, was founded on the 19th March 1997, with the purpose of being an active organisation representing students all over the islands. Commencing operations at G.F. Abela Junior College, the University of Malta and later
on at ITS and MCAST, Pulse started fielding candidates for the students’ council elections, with a successful result and a notable track-record.
Throughout the years, Pulse’s active role in student activism led to active debate and a professional attitude towards student representation. Throughout the years, Pulse voiced students’ concerns on matters such as stipend availability, public transportation issues, as well as numerous educational affairs. The latter included the campaign with regards to the ‘Legal Studies’ subject at the post-secondary level, which Pulse initiated and successfully moved forward in summer 2013. In September 2013, Pulse opened its Economic Affairs Review Board which compiled and presented the first-ever pre-budget document reaction from a student
organisation to Finance Minister Edward Scicluna. Pulse aims to continue expanding its representation in order to continue building on the work
conducted so far. Furthermore, with clear aims for the future, the organisation will continue providing effective representation through clear policies and a student-centered agenda.
Every student deserves to have their voice heard. Be the change you wish to see in tomorrow’s future.