MZPN is the official youth branch for Partit Nazzjonalista, currently led by Joseph Grech since February 2018.

The executive committee is made up of 14 members from various backgrounds and experience, whose main task is to propose initiatives, policies and outreach for youths on behalf of Partit Nazzjonalista.

President: Joseph Grech
Vice President: Nicky Azzopardi
Secretary General: Emma Portelli Bonnici
International Officer: Courtney Farrugia
Financial Officer: Carina Suda
Social Media Coordinator: Amii Camilleri
Policy Coordinator: Daniel Vella Fondacaro
Policy Coordinator: James Aaron Ellul
Events Coordinator: Martina Brancaleone
Events Coordinator: Jean Carl Agius Ciscaldi
Gozo Liaison Officer: Karl Buttigieg
Public Relations Officer: Gabriel Micallef
New Voters Coordinator: Marylyn Sammut
New Voters Coordinator: Jeremy Cardona