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HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER ORGANISATION according to Article 6 of the KNŻ Statute:

  1. It is not a government structure or intended for profit;
  2. It is organised and active on a national scale and/or has international affiliations as recognised by the European Youth Forum;
  3. It is an organisation which is organised on a local level or exclusively in a faculty, institute, centre or place of work. However, organisations which are grouped or based in a particular faculty, institute or centre and are already represented by an organisation, association, confederation or council within KNŻ, is not eligible to become a full member since it is already represented;
  4. It is based on youth work;
  5. It has a statute which is considered as being democratic by the Executive  Committee;
  6. it was established for a period of at least one year, and after this minimum period, it has attended and participated in the Organisations’ Committee (as observer) for at least six months. It must also present a list of administrative members whom shall sign a document which will specify their executive role. The minimum number of administrative members is three.
  7. Its leadership must include substantial youth participation. 
  1. It is not a government structure or intended for profit;
  2. It is based on youth work;
  3. It has a statute which is considered to be valid and democratic by the Executive Committee;
  4. An organisation is considered for associate membership provided that it has not attained the criteria for full membership;
  5. It has been officially established for a minimum period of six months;
  6. It is an observer member in the Organisations’ Committee until the following General Assembly. A vote on its associated membership is taken at this General Assembly.