Sustainable Development Goals Officer

Gabriella Sutton is currently following the Master of Arts programme in International Relations at the University of Malta, where she is currently conducting research on the local implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 – Good Health and Well-being. Previously a student reading for a Bachelor of Science in Applied Biomedical Science, Gabriella always felt the need to complement her academic endeavours with student activism, which led her to be in the Executive Board of the University Council (KSU), the Malta Health Students’ Association (MHSA), AIESEC, the University of Malta Debating Union (MUDU), and also assumed the role of student representative for the Faculty of Health Sciences. Her passion for SDGs blossomed in AIESEC, way back in 2015, the same year they were set by the United Nations General Assembly, and has continued to grow ever since. In light of this, she feels that being the Sustainable Development Goals Officer of the National Youth Council would enable her to channel her energy into something truly beneficial for all youth across the board. Gabriella also enjoys the opportunity to practice public speaking and read autobiographies.