Kristina is a 19-year old Pharmacy student at the University of Malta. Even though she is a science student, she takes an interest in politics and policies. This interest originates from her strong beliefs in the power of youth’s voices and how they are the catalysts of society. This particular interest started from when she was 16-years old and participated for the first time in the National Youth Parliament realising how much power youth can have. This event brought about change in Kristina, which led her to continue participating in a number of debating events and competitions and eventually contesting to be a board member in the KNŻ executive.

Kristina is currently organising the annual National Youth Parliament. In conjunction with this, she has launched a new project which is known as the National Youth Parliament Subcommittee. This team is made of 7 individuals who are past participants and they are working on gathering information on past resolutions. She is also working on a mental health campaign called Inspire Empower with the Youth Services Commissioner.