As Secretary General, Sandrine Borg is responsible for the administrative work of the Council as well as monitoring and coordinating work with the Executive Members and employees. Sandrine is the former Policy and Youth Rights Commissioner of the Council and was responsible for the success of the Environmental Task Force and several other policies and initiatives of the Council. She has represented the Council on several international fora having formed part of task forces, round-tables and consulting groups. 

Sandrine has been involved in activism from a young age and started her career working in the environmental sphere, representing Malta at a UNICEF Climate Change conference at the age of nine. Prior to KNŻ, Sandrine was the Vice President of S-Cubed the Science Students’ Society and the Social Policy officer before that. During this time she was also involved in KNŻ subcommittees and took part in the National Youth Parliament.

As a scientist and activist, Sandrine is passionate about research, policy and human rights. Her work within activism is centered around advocating for equality, diversity and representation for all.