If you’re stressed, feeling anxious or simply want to talk to someone, do not hesitate to reach out! 

Kellimni.com: The Kellimni.com team can be contacted through email, chat and smart messaging. Chat lines are open 24/7! https://kellimni.herokuapp.com/chat.

If you’d rather not speak to anyone at the moment, we invite you to have a look at the ‘Inform Yourself’ section on this website: Kellimni.com

All Kellimni.com’s services are offered free of charge.

Counselling services at University of Malta: The Counselling Services is an integral part of the University of Malta and it offers counselling for its staff and students, and also participates in research, training and consultation. 

They are open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:00.

The Counselling Services is situated, and is one of the services offered, at the Health & Wellness Centre.If you are a current student or a staff member and would like to discuss any personal issue with a professional, please do not hesitate to contact on + 356 2340 2235 or send an email on counselling@um.edu.mt

Counselling services at MCAST: For MCAST Students, the Student Support Services Coordinators can be a main point of reference at your Institute. They can help you deal with any problems you encounter on both a personal and academic level. They can also assist you to access the appropriate services from which you can benefit. You may contact your institute for more details. You can email: counsellors@mcast.edu.mt

The EU Emotional Support Helpline 116 123:  offers emotional support to callers suffering from loneliness, those who find themselves in a state of psychological crises, and those who require emotional support due to various life situations they might be encountering.

Supportline 179: The national helpline offering support, information about local social welfare services and other agencies, and a referral service to callers who requires support.  It is also a national service to people who are in times of difficulty or crisis. The primary mission of the Supportline 179 service is to provide, immediate and unbiased help to those seeking information, support and/or require a referral to social service agencies.

You can also become a volunteer here.

GU Clinic at Mater Dei: Available to everyone without the need for a referral, free of charge.

  • Call on 21227981 to book an appointment or on 2545 7494 for more information.
  • Service offered: Diagnosis and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections, counselling and testing for HIV.
  • All services are confidential and patients are given a unique code number.

Sexual Health clinic at UoM: Available to UoM students and members of staff without the need for a referral, free of charge.

  • Call on 2340 3988 to book an appointment.
  • Services offered: Information about different methods of contraception, advice about the prevention of sexually transmitted infections vaccines and counselling.
  • All services are confidential.

Sexual Health Clinic at Wellbeing Hub MCAST: available to Mcast students and members of staff without the need for a referral, free of charge.

  • Call on 23987188 to book an appointment.
  • Services offered: Information relating to sexual health and advice about prevention of sexually transmitted infections, vaccines and smear testing.
  • All services are confidential.

Speak to a professional online for counselling and advice: kellimni.com

Information on sexual health here

Willingness Sex Ed: the Willingness Sex Clinic Malta is a group of professionals committed to educate Youth on sex and sexual health. Take a look at their TikTok account to learn more on the topic here.

The Youth Guarantee project is comprised of four education and employment related initiatives here.

 NEET Activation Scheme II: Developed for young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs), participants will be provided with practical skills training, as well as a work experience with an employer based on their skills and preferences; or an accredited course (e.g. MCAST, ITS) of one’s choice. Throughout the programme, participants will be awarded with an allowance, provided they meet attendance requirements.​ For more information: NEET Activation Scheme II – Brochure​ , NEET ACTIVATION SCHEME II – Students’ Online Application Form – English & Maltese​

SEC Preventive Classes: Offered over five weeks (July – August), these free revision classes are a valuable opportunity for students who have failed their May SEC exams to prepare for their resits the following September. Students can choose up to three core subjects (including one science subject) from the following: English, Maltese, Maths, Biology and Physics.For more information: Student Guidelines​.

 MCAST Preventive Classes: Students under the age of 25 who fail one of the exams through Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 of their respective course at the Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) are offered free remedial classes during the summer period, in preparation for their final assessments the following September.

 ICT Summer Courses: This summer programme is designed to help young people gain additional ICT skills (ECDL Core or Level 2), and consequently boost their chances of successful employment. In addition to a free daily lunch, participants will also be awarded with an allowance and certification, provided they meet attendance requirements.

Preparing for an interview here 

Interview Tips here  

Domestic Violence Services: The Domestic Violence Services include the Domestic Violence Unit, Managing Abusive Behaviour Services and Għabex (emergency shelter for women victims of domestic violence and their children). These services are committed to the promotion of a society with zero tolerance to violence. The services offered are:

Domestic Violence Unit, Għabex Emergency Shelter, Managing Abusive Behaviour Services​

Contact the 179 helpline to access these services. 

Hate crime and Speech Unit: Supports all victims of hate crime and hate speech through the provision of free therapeutic and legal services which assess, support and empower individuals to build a safer and just society. For more information, visit : https://stophate.gov.mt

Report Child Abuse here: 

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