national youth  parliament


The National Youth Parliament is an annual event by KNŻ and has been organised for the past 18 years. It falls under the direct responsibility of our National Officer who is responsible of organising this annual event. The NYP gives the opportunity to youths aged between 13 – 35 to join themed ‘parties’ and draft their resolution, this will culminate in a session in parliament in which the motion is presented, debated, voted upon.

Later on the resolutions are presented to the Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader and the President on separate specifically organised events. Prior to the actual debate session in parliament, various workshops are prepared by KNŻ to help our participants develop further their skills and to help them enjoy the whole process as much as possible. NYP has given experience, offered many opportunities and has also exposed youth to the council’s work and activism



If you would like to suggest any topics that you think should be discussed in the National Youth Parliament, fill in the form below. 

NYP Past Resolutions

The NYP Subcommittee

The National Youth Parliament subcommittee is made of seven individuals who are responsible for revising resolutions and seeing the proposals done. The work of this subcommittee will then be presented in a document compiling the results and ways on how proposals may be implemented.