The National Youth Parliament is an annual activity organised by the National Youth Council (KNZ). Year after year various youths have applied, came together and participated in this  activity which simulates the Maltese Parliament in its procedures and format.The aim of the National Youth Parliament is to bring youths together , where they would work in groups based on themes chosen by the National Youth Council. The participants are then to research, discuss, write a resolution and eventually debate their resolutions in a parliamentary session in which votes will be taken on their resolutions. Youths aged between 13 - 35 are divided into two groups, those aged between 13 - 18 years and those aged between 19 - 35 years old. The themes chosen for those aged between 13 - 18 years are the following; culture and innovation in Malta, Climate Change: Is there a solution? and Working Youths. Furthermore, the themes chosen for youths aged between 19 - 35 years are ; decentralisation and devolution of power in Gozo, migration and humanitarian protection, sexual health and reproductive rights in Malta.

Jasmine Farrugia, KNŻ’s National Officer, this morning in a press conference announced that the applications are now open. KNŻ shall be organising a number of events aimed at encouraging youths to participate in this year’s edition of the National Youth Parliament. This will include a number of workshops, information sessions and a live-in. This will be done to help the participants gain skills and confidence for the final session which will take place in parliament in September. The National Youth Council encourages all youths impassioned on an aforementioned topic to participate and contribute to the formulation of recommendations which will be later on presented to politicians and policy makers.

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