Last September, KNŻ President along with the Presidents of ADŻ, FŻL, MŻPN, Pulse and SDM asked for a parliamentary debate on the right to vote for 16 and 17 year olds to be extended to all elections prior to the election which will take place in 2018, in a joint letter.

Since then, the KNŻ has written to all Members of Parliament to inquiry what are their thoughts on the motion which was presented late last year by Hon. Marlene Farrugia and Hon. David Agius so that youths aged 16 will be eligible to vote in all elections.

KNŻ has received an answer from both parliamentary groups and Hon. Giovanna Debono (the independent MP) on how they shall be voting once the aforementioned motion is presented in parliament and a vote is taken. Both the Nationalist parliamentary group and Hon. Giovanna Debono said that they shall be supporting the motion once it is tabled and a vote is a taken. Whilst Labour Whip answered in the name of the Labour parliamentary group saying that this year there will be a consultation process with the aim to analyse the extension of granting voting rights to 16 year olds to MEP elections and General Election.

KNZ calls once again, like it did last September together with all youth and student political organisations, for an immediate discussion on the subject in Parliament and for this proposal to be implemented before the next general election in 2018.

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