KNZ believes that the Transgender Day of remembrance is an annual day where one honors and stands with those who suffered and still suffer from transphobia. It is an international day which puts the realism that is transphobia in the limelight; abstract for some but a reality to others.

KNZ celebrates diversity as the holistic representation of different individuals that form a stronger society. As part of a European community, the Maltese Islands are open to different cultures and peoples which give our children and youths a firsthand experience of acceptance and belonging for them to grow even more as individuals.

However, one must understand that such progress is done only when one remembers what history has shown us. In the last years, the legislation for human rights in Malta boomed extensively, but unfortunately, no practical and parallel educational curriculum has followed to enhance a direct understanding of what the reality is showing us. Ample cases of both Transphobia and homophobia happen on a day to day basis, and whilst some make the news, other may suffer in silence.

The National Youth Council pushes for the need for an educational campaign and not only on legislation as a support for the need to learn how to live with one another, accept our differences and help each other flourish as individuals.

Malta is the leading country when it comes to LGBTI+ legislation, a good practice taken by European countries. The council recognizes such hard work and advocates for others states to reach forward in a practical effort for a more open society. KNZ will be installing gender neutral bathrooms at their offices in the near future and invites other businesses, organizations and public offices to follow suit.

As the umbrella organization for youth NGO’s and young people the council is fully committed to represents all facets of the society will continue to fight transphobia while remaining have an open door for all of those who want to voice their opinion and share their ideas.

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