The National Youth Council (KNŻ) in collaboration with the European Youth Forum has submitted a report as part of the Universal Periodic Review held by the UN's Human Rights Council on Malta.

The Universal Periodic Review is a a process which involves the periodic review of the human rights records of the United Nations' Member States.

The National Youth Council along with the European Youth Forum have put forward recommendations on primarily three topics; sexual health, mental health and accessibility to rights.

The Council has recommended that with regards to sexual health, there should be a standardised, holistic national policy on sexual education which is both formal and non-formal. The Council has also recommended more investment in sexual health clinics and services as well as facilitating free self-testing.

With regards to Mental Health, the Council has recommended that the mental health services should be integrated in the mainstream hospitals so as to avoid isolation and tackle the issue in a holistic manner. A call for standardised guidelines concerning primary, secondary and tertiary education was made. As well as a call for further awareness on the provision of services in all levels with the educational system.

With regards to the accessibility to rights; the Council and Youth Forum have recommended that an independent human rights institution is established as well as the establishment of a Commission on Youth Rights within the Ombudsman Office is taken into consideration. Finally the Council and European Youth Forum have recommended that the rule of law and good governance are ensured in order to better protect and promote human rights and freedoms.

Kindly find document attached.

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