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- This section gives both students and graduates  the opportunity to apply for various traineeships offered by the European Union. By simply accessing the following link, one may find study visits, research programs, internships and much more, for different levels of education and fields of studies. Find out more about these offers through the link.

- "Schuman Traineeships in the European Parliament" - The goal of the Schuman traineeships is to contribute to EU citizens’ European education and vocational training and to provide an insight into the work of the European Parliament. By accessing this portal, youths will be given the opportunity to participate in traineeships across all Europe, all of which focus on different topics. Find out more about these offers through the link.






- 'HOP crash course' (Training Course) - From 18 to 20 March 2020 | Finland - This blended course, with online elements and a residential meeting, will bring authors/facilitators (to be) involved in online learning as well as the NAs/SALTOs staff interested in the topic. After this course your online learning will gain WINGS! Deadline: 19 January 2019 


 - '“One 2 One” – supporting learning face-to-face' (Training Course) - From 23 to 29 March 2020 | Hattingen, Germany - The main aim of this training course is to empower and equip youth workers with the competences needed to work in a One 2 One relationship with young people in order to support their learning and development processes. Deadline: 19 January 2020
- 'Citizenship Reloaded: digital citizenship (and tools) for a new European citizenship' (Training Course) - From 16 to 21 March 2020 | TBD, Italy - This course aims at raising awareness, exercising skills and promoting tools related to digital spaces, online communities and the respective cultures. How can these tools be used to contrast phenomena like brainwashing, hate speech and extremism? Deadline: 19 January 2020

- 'Step into Strategic Partnerships on Inclusion within Erasmus+ YOUTH IN ACTION' (Training Course) - From 1 to 7 March 2020 | Berlin, Germany - This training course aims to support people dealing with youth with di(vers)abilities to increase competences in developing quality Strategic Partnerships in innovation or exchange of good practice in the youth field within Erasmus+ YOUTH IN ACTION. Deadline: 20 January 2020
- 'Europe talks about Solidarity' (Conference – Symposium - Forum) - From 12 to 14 March 2020 | Vienna, Austria - The conference “Europe talks about Solidarity” will offer a space for conceptual debates around the understanding of solidarity in Europe. The event will bring together experts that will challenge the understanding of solidarity in the youth sector. Deadline: 20 January 2020

- 'Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Training for Youth Organisations (Spring' (E-learning) - From 16 February to 28 March 2020 | Online / Virtual, Belgium - FR - This training programme provides an introduction to Transnational Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Projects through a learning-by-doing approach. Deadline: 20 January 2020

- 'Feminist of the World, Unite! - Study session' (Seminar) - From 2 to 6 March 2020 | European Youth Centre Budapest, Hungary - Feminist of the World, Unite! invites feminist activists and educators from all around the globe to discuss intersectional feminism, gender equality and power structures in a safe and healing environment. Deadline: 20 January 2020
- 'Training for Trainers' (Training Course) - From 25 February to 2 March 2020 | Olde Vechte Foundation, Ommen, Netherlands - Training for Trainers is a 7-day international course for trainers experienced in the youth field and it's build upon 4 elements: provocative training, unique method of training design, somatic aspects of traineeship and contextual learning. Deadline: 21 January 2020
- 'Include Transform Realise Transnational Forum II' (Conference – Symposium - Forum) - From 24 to 28 March 2020 | İstanbul, Turkey - It is aimed to reach out trainers/facilitators, youth workers/leaders with or without disabilities in order to improve their capacities for working with young people with disabilities in local/national/international level in terms of E+ YiA Programme.Deadline: 26 January 2020
- 'CREATIVITY & INNOVATION' (Training Course) - From 9 to 14 March 2020 | Athens, Greece -This training course aiming to give creative and innovative tools to youth workers in order to increase the quality in their ERASMUS + projects and offer answers to the above issues. Deadline: 27 January 2020


- 'Mobility Taster for Inclusion Organisations - Focus on Volunteering - Vienna' (Training Course) - From 9 to 13 March 2020 | Europahaus, Vienna, Austria - Did you know you can organise international volunteering projects for your young people from disadvantaged backgrounds? Come and discover what the European Solidarity Corps can do for you and the young people you work with. Deadline: 31 January 2020 


- 'Radical Escape' (Training Course) - From 11 to 20 March 2020 | Kapraluv Mlyn, Brno, Czech Republic - Radical Escape is a training course that aims to enable youth workers to strengthen preventative measures against radicalication of young people through the use of educational concepts based on escape games.Deadline: 31 January 2020



- 'NEW DEADLINE “One 2 One” – supporting learning face-to-face' (Training Course) - From 23 to 29 March 2020 | Hattingen, Germany - The main aim of this training course is to empower and equip youth workers with the competences needed to work in a One 2 One relationship with young people in order to support their learning and development processes. Deadline: 31 January 2020


- 'VALUE FAIR 2020' (Conference – Symposium - Forum) - From 1 to 5 April 2020 | Athens, Greece - VALUE FAIR 2020 supports actors in the youth field to share, understand and identify the VALUES on which we base our youth work and how it can contribute to better living together. Deadline: 31 January 2020


- 'Mentoring under construction!' (Seminar) - From 24 to 26 March 2020 | Bucharest, Romania - The event to put together resources and good practice from all over Europe in order to get inspiration for good quality mentoring.Deadline: 10 February 2020 

-  '"Practicing Coaching" training' (Training Course) - From 26 March to 1 April 2020 | Ommen, Netherlands - The Practicing Coaching training is designed with the aim of facilitating personal and professional growth for people who are involved or interested in coaching. This training is intended to help you to improve your abilities as a coach and a mentor. Deadline: 12 February 2020


- 'Partnering Fair, Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Youth Projects' (Partnership-building Activity) - 1 April 2020 | Online, Belgium - FR - This partnering fair has been organised to bring together youth organisations seeking partners for Transnational Exchange Projects (TEPs) within the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange initiative. Deadline: 16 February 2020


- 'Towards Collaborative Practice (TCP) 2020 Forum on “Social Innovation for Social Inclusion”' (Conference – Symposium - Forum) - From 5 to 9 May 2020 | Cyprus - “Towards Collaborative Practice” Forum: A cross-sectoral event exploring the potential of youth work and Erasmus+ to foster social entrepreneurship and social innovation among young people. Deadline: 16 February 2020



- 'TYE - Tools for Youth Exchanges' (Training Course) - From 5 to 11 April 2020 | İstanbul, Turkey - A Youth Exchange needs content. Tools for Youth Exchanges is a training that enables participants to explore tools around group processes, (intercultural) learning, involvement of young people and how to facilitate these tools during a youth exchange. Deadline: 16 February 2020



-  'THE POWER OF NON FORMAL EDUCATION 2020' (Training Course) - From 17 to 22 March 2020 | Portugal - Improving the impact of Non Formal Education (NFE), principles and methods in creating empowerment opportunities for young people as real actors of the society (from local to Europe). Deadline: 17 February 2020


- 'Europe Goes Local in Sweden. Youth work quality development through documentation and follow up' (Study Visit) - From 12 to 14 May 2020 | Gothenburg, Sweden - This study visits contains a presentation of KEKS webbased system for documentation and follow up of youth work, The Logbook, and how it is used for developing youth work, both in theory and through visits to youth centres that are working with the system. Deadline: 24 February 2020



- 'VI Wilderness Therapy - International Training' (Training Course) - From 19 to 24 May 2020 | Barcelona- Girona , Spain - We offer an experiential approach to learning about Wilderness Therapy through a backpacking expedition in the mountains of Barcelona and Girona. The participants will also get to know about Adventure Therapy, Outdoor Education, Experiential learning.Deadline: 1 March 2020



- 'Making the Difference: a North-South Partnership Building Activity' (Partnership-building Activity) - From 21 to 26 April 2020 | Santarem and Vila da Marmeleira, Portugal - This Partnership Building Activity (=PBA) aims at creating concrete partnerships between North and South of Europe, so that you can develop youth exchange projects and apply under the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme. Deadline: 1 March 2020


- 'The Real Deal PBA - Bulgaria (1046)' (Partnership-building Activity) - From 11 to 16 May 2020 | Bulgaria - Real Deal offers newcomers (and slightly experienced) participants an opportunity to find partners to youth exchanges. The activity also supports the creation of initial project ideas and advises in programme planning. Deadline: 2 March 2020


- 'PBA Make the Move VI' (Partnership-building Activity) -From 28 April to 3 May 2020 | Centre of Portugal, Portugal - A contact making seminar co-organized by NA BEFR and PT, in order to promote partnerships and develop quality Youth Exchanges, with a strong focus on Inclusion. Deadline: 3 March 2020

- 'Changemakers' Room 2020 - Bengaluru, India' (Training Course) - From 30 April to 8 May 2020 | Bengaluru, INDIA - International Training Forum, gathering some of the world’s most aspiring minds to identify the world’s most pressing local and global problems, ideate solutions, develop international mobility projects and launch socially relevant social businesses. Deadline: 5 March 2020
- 'Sports as a tool for education and fighting discrimination'(Training Course) - From 11 to 16 May 2020 | Alsasua (Navarra), Spain - Sport plays an important role in our societies. It can be a very powerful tool for education and fighting discrimination when working with young. This TC will explore the different possibilities of Sport as a tool for education and inclusion.Deadline: 14 March 2020
- 'Let's go civic! Youth Exchanges for Civic Engagement' (Training Course) - From 11 to 15 May 2020 | Bonn, Germany - A training aimed at making civic education an integral part of your youth work and youth exchanges. Deadline: 15 March 2020



- 'Drop-In' (Training Course) - From 11 to 16 May 2020 | Sofia, Bulgaria - The TC is designed to discover various reasons why youngsters disconnect from school, to experience different ways of learning, to reinforce synergies between formal and non-formal education and to share and learn tools, methods and best practices. Deadline: 17 March 2020


- 'Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Training for Youth Organisations (Summer)' (E-learning) - From 1 June to 11 July 2020 | Online / Virtual, Belgium - FR - This training programme provides an introduction to Transnational Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Projects through a learning-by-doing approach. Deadline: 17 April 2020



-  '8 Senses Training Course' (Training Course) - From 15 to 21 June 2020 | TBC, Bulgaria - 8 Senses is 5 days (+ 2 days for travelling) TC for youth workers to learn, practice and apply methods for inclusion, participation, creativity and sustainability in their work with youth, including NEETs and young people with fewer opportunities. Deadline: 24 April 2020


-'Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Training for Youth Organisations (Autumn)' (E-learning) - From 13 September to 24 October 2020 | Online / Virtual, Belgium - FR -This training programme provides an introduction to Transnational Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Projects through a learning-by-doing approach.Deadline: 30 July 2020

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